Lettable Office Space – General

Each wing of lettable office space has a built in executive toilet apart from the common wash room for male and female (isolated). Ample space for A/C 

First Floor

Wing A = 197 sq.m

Wing B=   179sq.m

Typical Floor – 2nd to 4th (x 3floors)

Wing A = 172sq.m

Wing B=   154sq.m

Pent floor (fronting Olusoji Idowu Street)

Lettable office area is 166sq.m. Service terraces for outdoor hang out and A/C condenser platform is 27sq.m in 4no. peripheral spread locations. Four (4no) isolated toilet provision (overall 8sq.m) serviced the reception area, executive reserve and the common washroom for male and female.  An additional kitchenette (3.5sq.m) takes care of coffee and other related refreshment needs. 

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